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      Large Corvette "Ternopol"
Project 1124EhM / Grisha-V class
Ternopol Corvette
Corvette Ternopol
The Albatros -class (NATO reporting name: Grisha) was a series large anti-submarine corvettes built by the Soviet Union. These ships had a limited range and were used only in coastal waters. They were equipped with a variety of ASW weapons and an SA-N-4 surface-to-air missile launcher. All were fitted with retractable fin stabilizers. Russian type designation was Malyy Protivolodochnyy Korabl (Small Anti-Submarine Ship). The Grisha V class ships were built between 1985 and 1994. This incorporated further modifications with the 57 mm guns being replaced by a single 76 mm gun. About 28 ships remain in the Russian Navy, 2 ships - in the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

February 16, 2006 in Sevastopol had been hold ceremony devoted to commitment of "Ternopol" corvette to Ukraine Navy structure. The corvette built on JSC "Plant "Leninskaya Kuznya". In ceremony took part Minister of Defence of Ukraine Anatoly Grytsenko, captain of corvette - captain Sergey Izotov.

Construction of the vessel started 1991. Due to lack of enough investments the building of “Ternopol” corvette took much more time as it was planned. In 2002 corvette was launched from slipways of "Leninskaya Kuznya" shipyard. During 4 years had been hold tests and sea trials. 10 times corvette had been put to sea and passed over 15 hundred miles. Today corvette is integral part of Navy of Ukraine and meant for detection and destroying of enemy submarines.

Builder: Leninskaya Kuznitsa SY, Kiev.
Year: 2004
Displacement: 1,070 tons full load
Speed: 32 knots
Dimensions: 71.2 x 10.15 x 3.72 meters/233.6 x 33.3 x 12.2 feet
Propulsion: 3 shafts; 2 cruise diesels, 20,000 bhp, 16 knots; 1 boost gas turbine, 18,000 shp, 21 knots; 38,000 shp total
Crew: 86
Radar: MR-755 Topaz-2B/Half Plate-B air/surf search
Sonar: MGK-335MC Platina/Bull Horn hull mounted, Shelon/Elk Tail dipping
Systems: MPZ-301 Baza/Pop Group SAM control

SA-N-4 SAM system (20 Gecko missiles)
2 SA-N-8 Strela SAM positions

Guns: 1 76.2mm/59 cal DP
1 6x30 mm AA
Ect. armament: 2 dual 21 inch torpedo tubes
1 RBU-6000 ASW RL
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